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Experience Counts.

Our attorneys have the experience to help individuals and businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado overcome legal challenges of all kinds.

A Respectful, Results-Oriented Approach

At the end of the day, you simply want the best possible outcome.  At Silverman & Associates, P.C., we take a results-oriented approach that is built on the concept of respect. We show you respect by learning as much as we can about the legal matter for which you have entrusted us; providing your legal matter with the personal attention it deserves; and educating you about available options, thereby helping you to make well-informed decisions.


Success Through Skillful Negotiation

For our clients’ personal injury claims, we believe that charging headfirst into battle is rarely the only option. In fact, it is most often a last resort. We respect our opponents and colleagues by offering them the opportunity to offer our clients what is fair and appropriate to settle their claims, rather than immediately filing a lawsuit.  We do so by skillful negotiations, showing them why they need to increase their offer.  If they choose not to do what is right, then we will, along with our clients, evaluate the pros and cons of escalation (i.e. taking the matter into litigation), if applicable.

For our clients’ business matters, we skillfully negotiate in an effort to arrive at an outcome which is the most advantageous for our clients. Though it is not always possible to achieve 100% of our clients’ objectives, we nearly always help them to arrive at an agreement which nevertheless makes sense from a business perspective.

This respectful approach has allowed us to forge positive relationships with everyone from individuals and businesses, to our fellow attorneys, insurance company representatives, judges and courtroom staff members, in the Denver community (and elsewhere) with whom we have had the pleasure of working during our 75 plus years of combined experience.  We have been able to utilize and build on those relationships, leading to a longstanding record of positive results in a wide range of legal scenarios.

Accessible And Flexible To Meet Your Needs

We pride ourselves on our accessibility and flexibility. Our lawyers are generally available to discuss legal matters on short notice, knowing that there is often urgency involved. We also strive to work around your schedule, whenever possible.

We enjoy creating strong working relationships with the individuals and businesses we represent, so we encourage face-to-face meetings whenever possible, but we are equally willing to discuss legal matters over the phone or via email.

Every Legal Matter Begins With A Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation, which is your opportunity to tell us about your legal matter and learn about what we can do to attempt to reach your desired outcome.                  Call 303-731-0734 or send an email to reach our experienced attorneys and staff.