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Attorneys Fighting For Truck Accident Victims

After any auto accident, it is important to get help from a lawyer right away. The presence of an attorney helping you through your case is even more important after an accident involving a truck. The size, weight and speed of big rigs usually result in catastrophic injuries for accident victims. Make sure you have an advocate on your side who can help you obtain the compensation you need.

At Silverman & Associates, P.C., we are strong and committed advocates for injured clients throughout the Denver area of Colorado. We bring a combination of experience, personalized care and aggressive advocacy to every case we take on. Denver clients trust us to fight for them in truck accidents and related auto accident claims.

In-Depth Case Preparation

In most cases, truck accident litigation is much more complicated and involved than the average car accident case. One of the most pressing complications involves the evidence. Successful truck accident litigation requires much greater research into the evidence to establish liability on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.

When handling truck accident cases, our lawyers look for evidence of:

  • Alcohol and other drugs, which can show intoxicated driving
  • Hour and mile logs, which can show that a driver was on the road for longer than the legally allowed length of time, which increases the risk of exhausted driving
  • Hiring and training history, which can establish that the driver was incompetent or untrustworthy and the trucking company should have known it
  • Vehicle maintenance records, which can show that the vehicle was an inherent risk
  • Improper loads, which can show an overly heavy or poorly loaded trailer, a significant safety breach

These are just a few of the areas our attorneys explore to help our clients obtain maximum compensation after a serious truck accident. Whenever possible, it is helpful to bring in strong evidence that the trucking company was at least in part to blame, rather than just the individual driver. Bringing in the trucking company can increase the potential compensation award available.

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